Create Clean Label Products with Label-friendly Ingredients

Label-friendly products made simpler

All over the world, people are paying closer to attention to the food and beverages they consume. They’re choosing healthier products from sustainable sources, and they’re looking for shorter ingredient lists and ‘clean label’ ingredients they’re comfortable with.

This is the clean label movement—and we can help you seize the opportunity. This is a chance to innovate and push boundaries with new and different ingredients, as well as building strong brand loyalty with consumers by being clear, authentic and transparent.


The Key Challenges in Creating Clean Label Products

Mastering the Complexity in Simplicity

While the clean label movement is all about simplicity, it throws up complexities for the food and beverage industry. Products still need to be convenient, delicious and long-lasting—but now, they need a cleaner label too. Getting the balance right is tricky—and it all comes down to the ingredients you choose and the expertise you have access to.

The New Demand Needs New Answers

You can’t meet new demands using old techniques. Instead, food and beverage brands need to explore different ways to create products. Maybe it’s removing ingredients to simplify products. Maybe it’s trying new ones. Either way, you’ll need to experiment intelligently to get your products from development to commercialization.

Cost and Speed Both Count

Innovating and experimenting are at the heart of producing great quality, clean label products. But there are also timescales and budgets to contend with: you need to get new products to market quickly, while minimizing costs. This is a fast-evolving market, so the brands who move fastest will win.

Building Trust Through Transparency

Your consumers will rely on you for clear and transparent communication. This makes it all the more important to work with partners and suppliers that share the same values as you and have direct access to first-hand product information— all the way from farm to table.

How can DuPont help you win in this space?

At DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, we believe that consumer choice is the foundation of the food supply. That’s why all our work in clean label ingredients is built on a foundation of consumer insights – from traditional surveys and focus groups to thorough digital listening.

We work closely with you to reformulate for clean label, so you can provide healthier, more responsible and nutritious food choices that your consumers will love. Our holistic approach extends far beyond just our ingredients, covering everything from concept to execution.

By tapping into one of the world’s broadest sustainable ingredients ranges and using our hard-to-match ingredient and application knowledge, you can launch label-friendly products, fast and with confidence.

To learn more about our survey findings, ingredient solutions and application opportunities, contact us here.


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