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Consumers around the world have spoken. They’re passionate about their health, and the foods they feed to their families.

They want to know everything about the food they consume. Every single one of its ingredients and where it was sourced. Why it’s there and what it does. Whether it harms or helps the planet.

All of which has made the quest for clean labels one of the biggest trends of the decade, with the clean label ingredients market seeing an average yearly growth of 8.6%.

Meeting clean-label expectations is complicated. The term itself has as many definitions as there are people on the planet—ranging all the way from ingredients that sound natural, to the planetary and social impact of how those ingredients are sourced and processed.


Let’s navigate your clean-label journey.

Reformulating products to meet clean-label goals can be tricky, costly, and time consuming. Especially when you aren’t sure which clean-label goals to prioritize.

Which is why you need an agile pathfinder partner for your clean label journey. A partner with a holistic understanding of shifting consumer desires, the complexities of product creation and formulation, and exactly what it takes to succeed on the shelves.

We’ve identified three key actions for success in reformulating and launching successful label-friendly products—fast:


Which definition of clean label is most important to your target consumers? Which features should you prioritize? We group priorities into three categories:


All our clean-label work is built on a foundation of consumer insights—from traditional surveys and focus groups, to digital listening.

Once you’re clear on your clean-label path, we’ll talk you through the benefits and trade-offs in areas such as taste, texture, nutrition, sensory attributes, cost, speed, manufacturing tolerances, shelf life, and label implications.

Want to see the solutions you could use to meet your clean label needs? Browse our product pages now.


Here’s where we introduce you to the innovative ingredients and potential reformulation solutions and processes for your clean-label journey.

We’ll help you get to market faster with our:

  • Worldwide network of regional food innovation centers.
  • Pilot plant facilities for experimenting with, and developing, new clean-label solutions.
  • World-leading sensory labs with the latest data on the tastes and textures consumers love.


Clean-label journeys never really end. We’re here to help you anticipate and respond to changing consumer trends and regulatory guidelines with:

  • Ground-breaking quantitative and qualitative studies of consumer preferences.
  • Regulatory support to optimize your clean labels.
  • Reliable product information, and transparent and sustainable supply chains.

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