A Pioneer in Sustainable Palm Oil

Our Ambition

Palm oil is the most consumed vegetable oil globally. Oil palm trees grow in regions with high biodiversity and are an important source of livelihoods for smallholder growers.

N&B sources materials that contain refined palm oil, derivatives and fractions. Palm based raw materials are used primarily in the production of palm based emulsifiers. As a leading company in the specialty ingredient sector, we are committed to drive improvement in our palm oil supply chain and contribute to transforming the wider palm oil sector.

Our Global Sustainable Palm Oil Policy outlines our responsible sourcing commitments and expectations. Our Implementation Plan highlights our roadmap on this journey. We are working across four main areas to transform palm oil supply chains:

  • Understanding our supply base and managing risks
  • Working within our supply chains, engaging suppliers and requiring assurance that our palm based raw materials are traceable and responsibly sourced
  • Working beyond our supply chains and through collaborations to support programs and projects geared towards conservation efforts and inclusion of smallholders in sustainable palm oil supply chains
  • Regularly reporting on progress and embracing continuous improvement

Mapping Supply Chains

Understanding the origin of palm based raw materials is central to assessing and mitigating social and environmental risks. We request suppliers to share information on palm oil material origin, including traceability to mill.


Engaging Suppliers

Sourcing from RSPO members and tracking progress over time on sustainability KPIs is becoming a central pillar of the way we work within our supply chains. N&B continues sourcing RSPO certified material.


Supporting Smallholders

Smallholders account for 40% of global palm oil production. Low yields effecting economic viability and inadequate access to information on best-practices are common challenges. We are part of Mariposa (WISSE), an effort to bring 1,800 smallholder oil palm farmers into sustainable supply chains.


Promoting Transparency

We report to the WWF Palm Oil Scorecard and meet our annual reporting commitments with RSPO. N&B will be offering regular updates on progress regarding the implementation of its palm oil sustainability roadmap.


Collaboration is Key to Transform the Palm Oil Supply Chain

Given our position in palm oil supply chains, we depend upon our trusted suppliers to drive change upstream. Our customers are also central to driving awareness and end-consumer demand for sustainable palm oil.

We have partnered with Proforest, a third-party non-profit organization with expertise in palm oil and responsible sourcing. Proforest supported N&B in the development of the Global Policy on Sustainable Palm Oil. As part of our implementation plan, we are working with this organization to track and assess traceability information from our suppliers. Together, we will be measuring and assessing supplier adherence with our Global Sustainable Palm Oil Policy through supplier scorecards.

We joined the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2004, the same year it was founded, and since then we have achieved significant milestones which includes offering 100% RSPO palm based emulsifiers using a combination of Segregated (SG), Mass Balance (MB) and Book & Claim (B&C).


For more information about our other raw materials, visit here.

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