Inclusive Solutions For The Planet And Its People


Delivering the Needs of Today While Protecting Tomorrow

Above all, we know that we’re borrowing this planet and our decisions must always consider that. With an ever-increasing population, massive challenges in food waste, health and wellness and an increasing interest from consumers about what’s in their food, we focus on reducing our footprint and extending our handprint, or our positive impact on the world. 


Our Sustainability Story


  • Sustainable Sourcing

Nutrition & Biosciences is building transparent, responsible supply chains for all our sourced materials.

  • Sustainable Operations

With our substantial manufacturing presence, it’s critically important to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Sustainable Solutions

The greatest potential to leverage sustainability is through solutions.

  • Sustainable Seaweed

Our program, launched on World Ocean’s Day, is the first of its kind.

  • Strategy and Governance

Our strategy reflects a 360-degree approach that includes goals across our business.

  • Publications and Materials

Access our policies and other relevant materials
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