Highest purity Sodium CMC with salt content levels below 0.5%

TEXTURECEL™ is a thickener and binder that has a number of characteristics beneficial to Industrial applications, including adhesives, batteries and ceramics. These characteristics include excellent water-binding and film-forming properties. What really sets TEXTURECEL™ apart from competitive Sodium CMC offerings is its high purity with salt content levels below 0.5%.

Nutrition & Biosciences offers a range of TEXTURECEL™ grades with varying chain lengths for precise viscosity control. The degree of polymerization (DP) controls the viscosity development of the Sodium CMC solution from water-thin to pasty (at a 1% Sodium CMC concentration in water).

Obviously it’s important that the product remains intact under different conditions and does not change its behavior during manufacturing processes where temperature fluctuations can occur. These fluctuations in water temperature do not degrade TEXTURECEL™, as the product actually adapts to the changing environment: With increasing temperature the viscosity of the solution decreases; when the temperature of a solution is reduced, the viscosity fully returns to its initial value.

As mentioned, TEXTURECEL™ has different beneficial properties, depending on the application:

Adhesives – TEXTURECEL™ is water-soluble and has a high water binding capacity. It is a cost-effective binder and thickener for water-based adhesives, where it offers improved stickiness. Depending on the surface to which the glue is applied, the adhesives need different qualities. TEXTURECEL™ is an excellent choice for more porous surfaces compared to alternative products thanks to its anionic character. It helps strengthen the connection between the glue and the surface it is applied to and through its thickening properties, keeps the glue in place and prevents it from running from the applied area.

Batteries – TEXTURECEL™ is used as a binder for anode components. Its high purity facilitates optimal chemical reactions and reduces the occurrence of defects. Therefore the maximum capacity is transmitted from the battery to the device and leads to an extended battery lifetime. Sodium CMC is used in rechargeable lithium batteries as for example found in cell phones and electric vehicles.

Ceramics – TEXTURECEL™ is a cost-effective binder in ceramics. It is added to the ceramic mass to offer stability during forming and in the oven. TEXTURECEL™ has a clean burn-out during firing thanks to its high purity, offering ceramics the necessary stability to withstand external stresses.

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