Nutrition & Biosciences offers polymer chemistries in a wide variety of molecular weights suited for many Specialty Solutions applications, including electronics and telecoms, PVC, and ceramics.

Industrial Solutions polymers serve as excellent binders, film-formers, water retention agents, thickeners, coatings, lubricants and suspending agents.

Adhesives Teaser Image.png

  • Adhesives

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  • Agro-Sciences

alchohol gel teaser image.png

  • Alcohol-Based Cleaning Gels

Battery Teaser Image.png

  • Batteries & Energy Storage

Ceramics Teaser Image.png

  • Ceramics

coatings and inks teaser image.png

  • Coatings & Inks

Eletronics and Photovoltaics Teaser Image.png

  • Electronics and Photovoltaics

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  • Other Industrial Applications

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  • Specialty Packaging

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