Biofilms Create Unwanted Odors


Fabrics not protected with antimicrobial technology like SILVADUR allow biofilms to build up during use.  The biofilms become entrained in untreated fibers and are not fully removed by traditional laundering methods.  Stale, musty, unpleasant odors remain.

Third party testing demonstrate that SILVADUR™ delivers  significant bacterial reduction.

Significant Bacterial Reduction


Odor resistance is the most sought-after feature in performance fabrics.   When odor-causing bacteria come in contact with fabric surfaces, SILVADUR releases silver ions which neutralize the bacteria on contact. SILVADUR™ delivers unsurpassed odor protection.

SILVADUR™ Provides Unsurpassed Odor Protection

Sensory panel data proves that SILVADUR-treated textiles maintain odor protection through 50 washes.  SILVADUR delivers a better, longer-lasting clean.

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