SILVADUR Technology


SILVADUR™ Advanced Microbial Control
Winner of the R&D 100 Award and recognized as one of the top 100 most technologically significant products.


  • Antimicrobial Solutions

SILVADUR delivers high performance and sustainable antimicrobial technology for textiles and apparel


  • Sustainable Chemistry

SILVADUR™ provides advanced, sustainable antimicrobial technology and delivers efficient, effective odor control to textiles.


  • Ultimate Ease of Use

Available in easy-to-apply liquid formulations, SILVADUR™ can be used in multiple processing methods.

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  • Efficacy & Durability

SILVADUR™ Optimizes Antimicrobial Efficacy and Delivery for Reliable and Durable Performance

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  • SILVADUR™ Advantage

The polymeric nature, low-dosage profile & formulation of SILVADUR™ make it the choice for antimicrobial finishing treatments.


  • Co-Marketing Support Program

- Global Value Creation
- Technical, Quality Assurance & Testing Programs
- Comprehensive Sales & Marketing Support Services 

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