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Open the door to innovation with the science and knowledge from Nutrition & Biosciences


At Nutrition & Biosciences, we know innovation can take many forms - from a new approach to an existing challenge to scientific breakthroughs that enable new platforms for tomorrow. With our experience in food and beverages, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical excipients, we can provide our customers with solutions to make daily challenges easier and future opportunities possible.

We have a strong science foundation and our scientists and innovations are recognized by leading international bodies. Each year we introduce many new and exciting products around the globe delivering on our promise for insightful and relevant innovations. We hold more than 1,000 patents and file new patent applications every year.

In 2018, one of our leading senior scientists Philippe Horvath was awarded Franklin Institute’s prestigious Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science for his groundbreaking research on CRISPR-Cas. Moreover, in 2018 our ground-breaking HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) ingredient for infant formula 2’-Fucosyllactose won the NutraIngredients USA award for new ingredient of the year for infant nutrition.

The Future of Nutrition & Biosciences: Exploring the Microbiome

Using our leadership position in probiotics and our passion for science, we have established a Microbiome Venture to accelerate the delivery of new microbiome science-based products to the market place, especially in the areas of probiotics and prebiotics, including HMO.

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