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the Prmise of plant-based protein

a promising opportunity
63% of consumers are increasing consumption of plant-based foods1
plant-based protein volume is expected to grow ~5% per year through 20212
31% of consumers say their shift to consuming more plant-based foods is a permanent change1
2 out of 3 consumers perceive plant-based foods as healthier1
50% of consumers say that it is extremely/very important that their food choices contain plant-based ingredients1
P wer your product line with plant-based protein
Ready-to-drink beverages
beverage Powders
Nutrition bars
breakfast Cereals
Meat alternatives
Prpel your product's success
with unmatched function
Superior Taste
meaningful differentiation
a prmising partnership
With DuPont Nutrition &
Health as a partner,
your plant-based protein program is supported by:

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1. Health Focus International, “Plant-Based Eating International Syndicated Study,” Global Averages, n=9,107, Aug. 2018 2. The Global Market for Plant Proteins – Competition with Dairy, 2017-21, Feb. 2018