Offering an array of functional benefits to create healthier food products for today’s informed consumers

Wellence™ products give you greater control in some of your more challenging food manufacturing processes. Whether it’s plant-based, gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan or fried food, there’s a Wellence™ solution to help facilitate production and deliver outstanding product quality.


Widely used in plant-based applications to maintain quality, taste, and texture.


Better Nutrition

Supports the creation of higher quality gluten-free baked goods for those with celiac disease or who are gluten intolerant. Enables you to use less fat in many fried food applications.





Wellence™ Smartfry

Wellence™ Reform

Easily incorporated into existing coating formulas​

Improves moisture retention and achieves higher final yield​

Improves coating adhesion, cling, crispiness, and stability during frying​

Reduces oil uptake during frying, with up to 30% fat reduction

Extends hold time under heat lamps

Reduces acrylamide formation

Reduces cost

  • Fried food coatings
  • Re-formed fried foods


– Fat reduction

– Moisture retention


– Adhesion/cling/crispiness

– Hold time under heat lamps

– Microwaveable coatings

Wellence™ GF

Creates a more regular crumb structure with fewer defects

Increases volume

Enables greater proofing tolerance

Allows for potential dosage reduction

Improves softness over shelf life

Is GMO- and allergen-free

Improves cost-efficiency and performance

Maintains traditional bread profile

Keeps moisture levels high

Gluten-free baked goods


– Greater volume

– More uniform crumb structure to reduce air pockets

– Moisture retention

Wellence™ VegEForm

Improves bite and firmness when product is hot

Improves handling and forming characteristics

Improves yield of cooked products

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan products

Is a substitute for egg-white powder in many applications

Heated vegetarian products (mixed, formed, chopped, restructured and extruded) where a firm bite is required


– Hot and cold binding

– Strong thermal gelation

– Emulsification

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