Multi-purpose ingredients for a wide range of applications


Solec® lecithins offer a variety of functionalities, while their purity, quality and traceability allow them to be used in a wide range of food and nutritional products.


Lecithin is one of nature’s best emulsifiers. Phospholipids, the major component of lecithin, contain a lipophilic portion with an affinity for fats and oils, and a hydrophilic portion with an affinity for water. By easing the tension between unmixable liquids, lecithin promotes the formation of stable oil-in-water combinations and water-in-oil emulsions.


Baked goods



Margarines, spreads and dressings

Chewing gum


Wetting and Instantizing

SOLEC®’s broad line of refined specialty lecithins will effectively wet and disperse both hydrophilic and lipophilic powders. Our lecithins have a bland flavor and odor, are functional at low levels and are easy to apply.

  • Promotes controlled hydration of hydrophilic powders and rapid wetting of lipophilic powders
  • Promotes rapid wetting in hot and cold liquids
  • Reduces dust
  • Improves texture and mouthfeel
  • Retains instantizing properties for extended periods

Infant formula

High-Protein powder

Instant food like noodles, soup and gravy mixes

Dairy and Non-dairy powders

Chocolate powder

Instant drinks

Release Agent, Anti-Stick Aid or Separation Agent

The sticking of foods to food-contact surfaces causes manufacturers to experience product loss, increased re-work and increased cleaning downtime. Attempts to use vegetable oils or other fats and oils as release agents usually produce poor results. In addition to poor release, the extra oil needed to produce positive results often contributes unacceptable “empty” calories to the food, and may leave an oily sheen on its surface.

Because of the phospholipid’s dual hydrophilic/lipophilic nature, SOLEC® can create an even, non-stick coating at the food-contact surface.

  • Enhances release
  • Reduces oil use
  • Reduces product loss and increases product yields
  • Eases processing equipment cleanup

Oven belt release

Sugar coated products

Food release

Extrusion Aid and Lubricity

When added directly to the feed throat of an extruder as a processing aid, SOLEC® value added de-oiled lecithins are easy to handle, concentrated powders which improve the processing of the extruded food products by increasing the lubricity of the extrudate.

  • Increases production rates
  • Increases production efficiency (higher throughput capacity, less maintenance downtime)
  • Reduces motor load (lower energy use)


Cereals and snacks

Pet food


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