Delivering extended functionality and physical characteristics


The SOLEC® range covers a comprehensive line-up of consistent high-quality plant-based lecithins, available in various forms and grades.

Naturally Sourced

  • SOLEC® NON-GMO Softseed Lecithins

Our sunflower and rapeseed lecithin are sourced from carefully selected non-GMO oil and provide an affordable, sustainable and allergy-friendly alternative for label conscious consumers.

  • SOLEC® Soy Lecithins

Various SOLEC® products from soybeans are available with high-quality and traceable Tested Negative (TN) and/or Identity Preserved (IP) labels

Available in Different Formats

  • SOLEC® De-Oiled Lecithins

SOLEC® de-oiled lecithins are essentially highly concentrated oil-free powders or granules that have almost all triglycerides and free fatty acids removed.

De-oiled lecithin can serve across various industries (food, feed, pharma and personal care) and applications such as bakery, dietary supplements, and ideally for instant and low-fat/fat-free products.


- Water dispersible and oil soluble

- Easy to measure and handle

- Neutral colour and flavour

- Lower dosage required

  • SOLEC® Liquid Lecithins

Our fluid lecithins are stable fluid blends of phospholipids combined with other lipids like soybean, sunflower or rapeseed oil. The consistent high quality makes these products the industry standards for dependability and functionality

High Quality and Varies Grades

  • SOLEC® Standard Lecithins

Standard grade lecithins are stable fluid blends of natural phospholipids and vegetable oil, available in unbleached and bleached variations.

  • SOLEC® Reacted Value-Added Lecithins

Our Reacted Value-Added Lecithin products*, available in fluid or de-oiled form, have been modified and further processed to improve water dispersibility. These products have a wide range of uses as dispersants, wetting agents and emulsifiers and are widely used in the food industry for instantizing.

  • SOLEC® Refined Value-Added Lecithins*

Our Refined Value-Added Lecithin products have been modified and further processed to produce bland, low-viscosity fluids.

* May not be available in all areas


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