POWERSoft® Cake Enzymes

Make your cakes and other sweet bakery goods even more soft and moist with our highly specialized amylase

Your consumers expect you to deliver cakes of the highest quality. They take freshness for granted and expect to enjoy—and savor—every mouthful.

Now, they want you to deliver the magic of a fresh, tasty cake, all while helping to combat food waste.

POWERSoft® Cake enzymes can help you do just that.

Key Benefits

  • Creates superior moistness
  • Delays staling
  • Adds softening
  • Adds extra body to the texture of the cake
  • Makes for a less crumbly cake




Powersoft® Cake 8005

For low/no fat

Sponge cakes

Powersoft® Cake 8010

For high fat cakes

Muffins and pound cakes

Powersoft® Cake 7010

Powersoft® Cake 7001

Powersoft® Cake 7002

For high fat cakes

Cakes and sweet goods in countries awaiting approval of the Powersoft® Cake 8000 series


How We Help

Clean Label

POWERSoft® can replace other fresh-keeping solutions to provide a clean label solution.



We aim to help reduce food waste. Roughly 30% of food is wasted annually, generating close to 1.3 billion tons of food waste. This amounts to losses of roughly US $1 trillion globally. Our baking enzymes can help keep baked goods fresh for longer, reducing food waste. In addition, they help ensure a reliable and robust baking process, leading to less product discarded due to being out of specification. This avoids both wasted resources and environmental emissions associated with food waste decomposition.

Our baking enzymes are in alignment with the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Application Areas

Drawing on many years of experience, we tailor solutions for bakery products, creating superb fresh-keeping properties in bread and cakes and the right bite and crumb in biscuits, crackers and pastry, even at reduced fat levels.

Related Products

MAX-LIFE™ can help you improve the eating quality of all kinds of baked goods including bread, buns, rolls and sweet goods. Comprising maltogenic alpha-amylase and other enzyme activities, our products successfully modify the starch in flour, slowing the staling process behind the usual rapid decline in sensory appeal.
DuPont™ Danisco® food enzymes help deliver better and more consistent performance to meet challenges faced by bakers every day.
POWERFlex® keeps tortillas fresh and foldable and eliminates dry edges. Based on G4 technology.
Our unique G+ and G4 anti-staling enzymes modify the amylopectin in flour starch during baking. The result is soft, resilient and cohesive bread with a longer shelf life.

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