POWERFresh® Special with G+

G+ freshness for specialties.

With G+ enzyme technology, the freshness of bakery specialties has reached a new level. POWERFresh® Special can deliver significantly more freshness for days and even weeks after baking.

POWERFresh®Special is tailored for bakery products high in fat and sugar such as brioche and panettone. Your customers will enjoy the appealing mouthfeel that comes from its ability to provide extremely high elasticity and crumb moistness.


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Keep your bread feeling much fresher for days longer than any other choice on the shelf. POWERFresh® Bread with G+ makes this a reality.
For buns achieving a high level of freshness and incredible crumb strength. POWERFresh® Bun makes it possible to maintain great bun shape, even when fully loaded. In hotdog buns, you’ll appreciate the superior hinge effect, too.

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