POWERBake® - enzyme solutions for cleaner label bread

Consumer demand for clean label bread is on the rise across the baking industry. Meeting this demand and maintaining sensory quality, volume and stability requirements in the final product, plus increasing processing efficiency can be quite challenging. Our POWERBake® series of enzymes for the baking industry may help you address these challenges.

POWERBake® enzymes offer the most robust alternative to existing emulsification and oxidation technologies in the production of bread. Simultaneously, these enzymes may help to improve the strength and handling of dough throughout the process, and deliver a fine, uniform crumb structure in your baked goods.


Key Functions

  • Improving dough stability, proofing and handling
  • Improving dough strengthening
  • Increase volume and initial softness
  • Dough stability/shock tolerance during processing
  • Cost-effective and concentrated solutions for baguettes
  • Robust and tolerance to flour quality fluctuations in baguette production

Key Applications

  • All types of bread and buns/rolls and baguettes

 Latest Innovations

POWERBake® 6600 is our latest enzyme as an alternative emulsification technology for cleaner label (sliced) bread, based on European formulations and recipes

POWERBake® 6650 is a similarly robust emulsification alternative, optimized for European formulations & recipes for buns & rolls

POWERBake 7650® is the oxidative module supporting our POWERBake® 6000 series. Used in combination with POWERBake® 6000, it enables the replacement of mono and diglycerides + SSL or DATEM, whilst maintaining product quality.


More from the POWERBake® range

POWERBake® 4000 range (lipase) Improves dough stability

Increases volumes

Improving dough handling
All types of bread and buns/rolls
POWERBake® Baguette 4450

Cost effective and concentrated solution for improving baguettes

Robust and tolerance to flour quality fluctuation

POWERBake® 900 and 7000 range (bacterial xylanase) Unrivalled dough strengthening All types of bread and buns/rolls

POWERBake® 6100

POWERBake® 6200

POWERBake® 6300

Reduces dependence on chemical emulsification

Versatile and consistent production

Improves robustness

Consistent formulation reproducibility

Reduces cripples & waste leading to improved margins and better sustainability

Improves and/or achieves volume target

More desirable appearance

Improves resilience (strength for loaded bun)

Buns and Rolls (white & wheat formulations)

Bread (white & wheat formulations)

 Clean label

POWERBake® is a label-friendly enzyme solution and can replace existing emulsification technologies in bread baking.
DuPont has been a forefront innovator in emulsification technologies for the bread industry for decades. Tapping into deep ingredient knowledge, full formula understanding and production experience across all types of baked goods, we enable the bread industry to formulate throughout the clean label spectrum to answer customer demands. Our POWERBake® solution allows our customers access to an effective alternative to traditional strengthening solutions.

Global expertise

For decades our DuPont™ Danisco® range of ingredients has provided improved nutritional profiles, better taste and texture, and great efficiency to meet the needs of global food & beverage, dietary supplement and pet food manufacturers. We are a globally-strong but locally-present team of experts aiming to strengthen our customers’ brands and grow their business.

Related Products

MAX-LIFE™ can help you improve the eating quality of all kinds of baked goods including bread, buns, rolls and sweet goods. Comprising maltogenic alpha-amylase and other enzyme activities, our products successfully modify the starch in flour, slowing the staling process behind the usual rapid decline in sensory appeal.
POWERFlex® keeps tortillas fresh and foldable and eliminates dry edges. Based on G4 technology.
Our unique G+ and G4 anti-staling enzymes modify the amylopectin in flour starch during baking. The result is soft, resilient and cohesive bread with a longer shelf life.
Cakes and other sweet bakery goods gain a longer fresh life with our highly specialized POWERSoft® amylase.

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