Natamax® Antimicrobial

With natamycin as its active compound, the effect of Natamax® Antimicrobial has been demonstrated in many food products over a wide range of pH values and after heat treatment.

Key benefits

  • Protect shelf life
  • Can be used in fermented foods
  • No off-flavors
  • Meet consumers’ demand for natural products
Natamax® Anti-yeasts and molds Cheese, fresh dairy, processed meat and beverages
Natamax® B Anti-yeasts and molds Spraying on baked goods
Natamax® SF Anti-yeasts and molds Spraying, shredded and blocked cheese
Natamax® Salt Anti-yeasts and molds Shredded cheese, PVA cheese coating, dry sausages surface treatment
Natamax® G Anti-yeasts and molds Beverages incl. wines
Natamax® Gel Anti-yeasts and molds Cheese surface treatment, dry sausages surface treatment

Handling of minor ingredients with low dosage levels, and making sure they are adequately dispersed in the product, are critical challenges for food manufacturers. Natamax® Salt DA is an easy to handle form of natamycin that also provides a solution to improve dispersibility. This diluted salt blend is formulated for easy dosing, easy handling, and improved dispersion.

This natamycin product is diluted with salt, making it easier to weigh and handle on the production floor.  And by simply decreasing your normal salt usage by the amount coming from Natamax® Salt DA, there is no effect on flavor or your nutritional statement for sodium.


  • is a naturally occurring antimicrobial with broad spectrum anti-mycotic activity
  • is active at low concentrations (1 - 20 ppm)
  • is active over a wide pH range (pH 3 - 9)
  • is stable and active for long time periods
  • has no effect on bacteria
  • has no adverse effects on taste, odor or appearance of the food
  • has a proven safety record

Application areas

Drawing on many years of experience, we tailor solutions for bakery products, creating superb fresh-keeping properties in bread and cakes and the right bite and crumb in biscuits, crackers and pastry, even at reduced fat levels.
When you open the door to DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences for your beverage needs, you gain access to unmatched application expertise, science-driven solutions, the full DuPont™ Danisco® range of ingredients, and extensive market knowledge and deep consumer insights that drive competitive advantage.
Take a deeper look inside DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences for your cheese, yogurt and other dairy needs. See how our market insights, research, and experience can open up your potential to satisfy nutrition-conscious consumers while keeping your costs down.
With proactive science-based innovation, broad market expertise and over 50 years of collaborative applications in meat, poultry and seafood, DuPont stands out as your go-to solutions provider.
We have focused on the needs of the oils & fats industry since the 1930s, when we developed our first emulsifier for margarine.

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