Marzyme® Liquid Microbial Coagulants

Our cost-effective non-GM microbial coagulants ensure consistent milk clotting for high quality cheese production.


Marzyme® coagulants ensure an easy, speedy, and effective milk clotting process for cheese production. Marzyme® coagulants are pure and free of amylase and lipase side activity, allowing cheese makers to achieve consistent quality and avoid off-flavor formation. With different grades of Marzyme® available, controlling proteolysis, bitterness and whey quality is easy. This allows Marzyme® to be used in a broad range of processes, including pizza cheese making.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and consistent milk clotting
  • Non-animal, non-GMO origin – suitable for vegetarians
  • Available in various concentrations and package sizes, as well as liquid or powder formulations for flexibility and ease of use





Marzyme® 15

Marzyme® 50

Marzyme® 55

Marzyme® 55PF Organic

Marzyme® II 2500

Fast, consistent milk clotting

All cheese types

Marzyme® 150 MG

Marschall® M2.5/100

Specially designed for small volume cheese making

All cheese types

Application Areas

Take a deeper look inside Nutrition & Biosciences for your cheese, yogurt and other dairy needs. See how our market insights, research, and experience can open up your potential to satisfy nutrition-conscious consumers while keeping your costs down.

How We Help



Dupont Danisco Dairy enzymes contribute to healthier diets by enabling the production of foods that are lactose free, reduced in sugar and enriched in prebiotic fiber.

Our dairy enzymes are in alignment with the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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