Litesse® polydextrose is a particularly effective ingredient in the development of reduced and low calorie foods and beverages.

With obesity on the rise worldwide, reduced calorie diets are perceived by both health professionals and consumers as an effective weight management strategy. 

Litesse® is only partially metabolized in the human body. As a result, it contributes only 25% of the calories of sugar (1 kcal/g versus 4 kcal/g) and only 11% of the calories of fat (9 kcal/g). At the same time, Litesse® is able to maintain the texture and mouthfeel that is often lost in the process of removing sugar and fat to reduce calories. 

With Litesse® as part of the formulation, food manufacturers can therefore achieve reductions of up to 50% in calories with no compromise on taste and eating quality. 

Litesse® can therefore be used in the development of new or reformulated foods that will appeal to calorie-counting consumers. It has a superior, clean taste that allows for the full perception of flavors, whilst also permitting its use at higher levels to achieve a greater reduction in calories than is possible with many other ingredients. 

Litesse® is virtually non-sweet, so it can be used in combination with other sweeteners to help balance and/or modify the final sweetness of foods and beverages to maximize consumer appeal.


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High fiber diets are widely recognized as encouraging optimal digestive health and regularity, which can often be felt by the consumer as an improvement in overall well-being.
The Litesse® polydextrose family of ingredients elicit very low glycemic responses, ranging from just 4 to 7, compared to glucose at 100.
As legislation can differ greatly between different markets, we always recommend the information provided is reviewed in line with local labeling legislation, in regards to Litesse®.
Litesse® is an effective prebiotic – it is a nondigestible food ingredient which passes intact into the colon, where it is partially fermented. It then selectively stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, helping to improve digestive health.
At Nutrition & Biosciences we are committed to supporting our entire product range with sound scientific evidence. Here we provide the Research and Clinical Studies on Litesse®
Litesse® can help in reducing energy intake, by aiding in the manufacture of foods and beverages that are less calorically dense and which have a lower glycemic response.

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