HOWARU® Protect Senior

As people age, changes in the gut microbiota composition, including loss of beneficial bifidobacteria, 

are associated with decline in immune function and may be indicative of dysbiosis and poorer health. 

Seniors typically experience declined immune function, increased susceptibility to infections, decreased vaccine responses and discomfort linked to slow colonic transit time. The use of probiotics has been shown to provide health benefits to aging adults by promoting a healthy immune system.

Seniors represent the fastest-growing population globally. By 2050, the global population of seniors is projected to be nearly 2.1 billion. Probiotics offer a natural way for this growing population to maintain a healthy and active immune system. But not all probiotics are the same.

HOWARU® Protect Senior (Bifidobacterium lactis HN019™) is a unique proprietary probiotic formulation designed to provide immune enhancement for aging adults. Based on six clinical studies for HN019™, it is shown to improve immune function by increasing phagocytic capacity, improving NK-cell activity, increasing the number of bifidobacteria in the intestine of elderly persons and improving colonic transit time.


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