HOWARU® Balance Probiotics

An efficient digestive system and strong immune defence go a long way toward an active, healthy life. Much of the secret lies in a balanced gut microflora — something DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences can help you achieve with our new family of HOWARU® Balance products.

Containing two of the most documented probiotic strains, Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® and Bifidobacterium lactis HN019™, HOWARU®Balance gives two great health benefits in one pre-blended concentrate or consumer-ready finished format. Each member of the range is optimized to strengthen digestive and immune health in a specific age group.

  • HOWARU® Balance for adults aged 18 to 55, available in bulk blend or capsule format
  • HOWARU® Balance Plus for seniors aged 55+, available as a bulk blend, unflavored powder or  vanilla flavored powder
  • HOWARU® Balance Kids for children aged 2 to 17, available as a bulk blend or flavored powder for dissolving in drinks or direct consumption

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HOWARU® probiotics can be found in health-enhancing food and beverages and supplements around the world. Featured here are just a few examples of consumer-ready products that feature HOWARU® probiotics.
How are you? is the question we probably ask each other most often. With HOWARU® in your everyday diet, you can give a positive answer – and mean it.
The Probiotic HOWARU® Bifido is the better bifido. It’s efficacious, stable and one of the most clinically studied probiotic strains available today.
The probiotic HOWARU® Dophilus was the first probiotic strain to have its genome fully sequenced and is supported by a long list of successful clinical studies focused on digestive health.
HOWARU® Feminine Health features clinically-documented probiotic strains for vaginal health and overall feminine wellness.
HOWARU® Protect Probiotics is a range of clinically-documented formulations that are optimised to meet specific consumer needs to help maintain natural immune defenses.
HOWARU® Restore Probiotics is a safe and effective way to strengthen gut health.
HOWARU® Rhamnosus Probiotics is a strain of superior quality that is clinically proven as a safe and effective means to maintain the body’s immune system.
HOWARU® Shape is a groundbreaking new probiotic aimed at the weight management market. Tailor made for people looking to improve body shape, this clinically proven new product helps your consumer lose weight and inches from their body
Our HOWARU® probiotic cultures are internationally recognized as safe for consumption. But, when it comes to dosage levels and potential health claims, legislation can vary by country.

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