The solution to your plant-based innovations

New plant-based solutions to lead the meat alternatives.

Burger Patty Solution, PLANT-TEX MA1201, improves taste and texture of vegan burger patties to fit the expectations of most demanding consumers.

Cooked Sausage Solution, PLANT-TEX MA1301, helps to produce delicious, vegan sausage with a snappy bite.

Cold Cut Solution, PLANT-TEX MA1101, allows to produce vegan deli ham with an authentic taste and texture.

Key benefits

  • Multifunctional blend and texture-builder
  • Boosting protein content for health profiling
  • Umami flavor, juicy bite, yet salt-reduced
  • Premium “snappy” bite
  • Excellent texture building system that provides superior texture and eating quality both hot and cold
  • Neutral taste - makes it easy to bring forward desired flavor nuances
  • Easy to use, added directly into the mix
  • Similar characteristics as egg white
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX  New systems replace egg white and delivers meat-like taste, texture, smell and appearance Plant-based meat alternatives (sausages, burger patties and cold cuts)

Application areas

While the meat alternative category has historically appealed to vegans and vegetarians, a new consumer is emerging – the ‘flexitarian’ - who looks to incorporate healthier, plant-based options into their diets, without sacrificing great taste and texture. DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences presents holistic solutions for this category—to mimic the eating experience of animal protein, to offer the coveted sustainable profile and to solve the inherent challenges in delivering plant-based foods.

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