Cellulose gel/Microcrystalline cellulose

Cellulose gel is microcrystalline cellulose manufactured from naturally occurring wood cellulose.

Key benefits

  • Provides stabilization
  • Improves texture
  • Enables fat reduction
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® CELLULOSE GEL DAI Provides freeze/thaw stability
Stabilizes emulsions
Provides foam stability
Adds creaminess
Enables fat reduction
Prevents sedimentation
Improves flowability
Frozen desserts
Whipped toppings
Diluted milk
Chocolate milk
GRINDSTED® CELLULOSE GEL BEV Provides pulp stabilization
Adds viscosity
Increases dietary fiber content
Acts as opacifier
Improves flavor release
Fruit beverages
Soft drinks
Nutrition drinks
Instant drinks
GRINDSTED® CELLULOSE GEL BAK Improves moisture migration control
Act as dietary fiber
Controls flowability
Provides heat stability
GRINDSTED® CELLULOSE GEL CUL Provides emulsion stability
Improves cling
Enables fat reduction
Adds creaminess
GRINDSTED® CELLULOSE GEL MAS Enables gelling at high solid levels
Supports extrusion process
Reduces fat uptake during frying
Other applications like:
Reformed food
Fried and battered food

Application areas

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