GRINDSTED® Gellan VEG 200 & DAI 200

For a green transformation it is important to have the best performing  ingredients to be competitive on the growing market. New product development on a vegan platform with recorded claims has increased  by 35% in 2018 from 2014 with a Global penetration for Beverage as one  of the top categories. The numbers indicate this shift to plant-based diet is a permanent fixture  in consumers’ lives. 

GRINDSTED® Gellan VEG200 and DAI200 are enabling high performance results compared to industry leading stabilizers for plant-based and vegan innovations.

Key benefits

  • Vegan and Plant-based friendly
  • Minimal contribution to mouthfeel and no impact on flavor release
  • Easy to use, added directly into the mix
  • Suitable for a wide range of plant sources or raw materials
Product Benefit Application

Improves plant-based and vegan launches  to fit the expectations of the most demanding consumers

Plant-Based /  Vegan Beverages
GRINDSTED® Gellan DAI200 Allows to develop dairy beverages with premium mouthfeel and minimum flavor release

Dairy Beverages

Application areas

Leading Sustainability partner

How GRINDSTED® Gellan VEG200 and DAI200 help  you achieve a strong sustainability profile 

  • Produced by bacteria during fermentation 
  • Natural solution based on renewable bio-based raw materials
  • Low environmental footprint considering functionality  the Sustainability Development Goals

Get Started

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