GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum

Key benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Easy to process: cold and hot soluble
  • Crystal clear solutions
  • Wide range of texture possibilities
  • Highly purified grades
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum BAK

Increases water retentionImproves freeze/thaw stability
Prevents water migration
Allows homogenous dough and better uniformity
Extends shelf life
Strengthens gluten network
Reduces fat uptake of pan/deep-fried product such as donuts
Controls batter viscosity

Frozen dough, tortillas, noddles, cakes and donuts
GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum BEV Provides mouthfeel to juice
Replaces the texture lost when reducing sugar or fruit juice
Slowdown particles sedimentation
Allows cost optimisation.
Provides crystal clear beverages
Juice beverages, protein beverages, concentrates, instant beverages, dry mixes, low/no sugar drinks and alcoholic drinks.
GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum MAS

Increases viscosity (low to high) Decreases costs

Effective solution for low-fat saucesProvides excellent flow properties and glossy appearance to sauces
Provides body and creamy mouthfeel (light to rich)
Easily dispersible and fast hydration
Very easy to use in cold and hot processes

Allows efficient peeling of casingsRetains water in meat emulsion

Dressings, soups and sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup
Emulsified meat products, artificial sausage casings
GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum AMD Prevents proteins sedimentation and whey off
Develops mouthfeel (wide range of viscosity is available)
Efficient for high and low protein content
Acidified milk protein beverages, yogurt drinks, buttermilk
GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum NMD Develops mouthfeel of skimmed milk
Adds texture to cheese
Improves flow properties of cheese analogs
Flavored milk, cream cheeses and processed cheeses
GRINDSTED® Cellulose gum FZD Controls ice crystal development
Improves texture and stability
Prevents  water migration
Ice cream and sorbet

Application areas

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