Fish processing enzymes

Fish processing generates valuable byproducts that are high in protein and lipids, such as viscera, skin, tails, heads and frames

 The disposal of these nutrient-rich byproducts can often increase costs. By using enzymes to valorize byproducts, processors can potentially obtain additional revenue from nutritional supplements, ingredients for pet food, biodiesels, fertilizers, agricultural products, animal and fish feeds.
Many processors do not capture the full value of these byproducts. This may be due to inefficient secondary processing and over-reliance on mechanical, heat or chemical methods. Enzymes can enhance the quality and value of fish processing byproducts, optimizing time, energy and resources while also increasing revenue.

Key benefits

  • Increase yield
  • Improve extraction
  • Convert by-products into valuable ingredients

Enzymes for processing fish byproducts

Problem Solution Enzyme Benefits
Poor oil yield FoodPro® Alkaline Protease Protease Improved oil separation
Lower temperatures
Higher oil yields Energy savings
Low solids from stickwater evaporation FoodPro® Alkaline Protease Protease Reduced water binding of proteins
Increased water removal in evaporators
Lower need for water removal in spray-drying
Energy savings
Less evaporator down-time
Unrealized value from fish protein hydrolysates FoodPro® Alkaline Protease
FoodPro® PNL
FoodPro® 51FP
Protease Improved protein value, flavor and digestibility
Enhanced protein functionality: emulsifying properties, solubility, fat- and water-binding
Generation of high-value peptides and proteins
Poor fish sauce flavor and fermentation FoodPro® Alkaline Protease
FoodPro® PNL
FoodPro® 51FP
Protease Improved fish sauce flavor
Faster fermentation
Reduced fermentation cost
Increased fish sauce yield
Inefficient yield of chondroitin sulfate from cartilage FoodPro® Alkaline Protease
FoodPro® PXT
Protease Conversion of waste material to high value dietary supplement
Production of value-added products: hydrolyzed fish protein
Incomplete protein removal from fish frames FoodPro® Alkaline Protease
FoodPro® PXT
Protease Improved removal of residual meat
"Clean" fish frames for use as calcium source
Increased recovery of hydrolyzed mollusk protein
Remaining protein in mollusk shells FoodPro® Alkaline Protease
FoodPro® PXT
Protease Efficient removal of residual meat
"Clean" shells for use as calcium source
Increased recovery of hydrolyzed mollusk protein
Fish & seafood spoilage FoodPro® GOL Glucose
Removal of oxygen
Reduced potential for oxidative rancidity
Preservation of color
Residual hydrogen peroxide after removing discoloration from fish roe FoodPro® CAT Catalase Fast, efficient removal of hydrogen peroxide

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