Dental benefits

Despite the improvements in dental health achieved through the use of fluoride, caries is still a widespread global problem. Decreasing sugar intake, and finding practical means to reduce its detrimental effects, remains a priority in controlling the incidence of tooth decay.

The formulation of confectionery sweetened with dentally safe sugar substitutes is a key weapon in the fight against caries. XIVIA® Xylitol is particularly suitable for this purpose due to its unique dental properties.

XIVIA® is proven to:

  • Help reduce the development of cavities (dental caries)
  • Resist fermentation by oral bacteria
  • Reduce plaque formation
  • Increase salivary flow to remineralize damaged tooth enamel
  • Complement and reinforce the effect of fluoride in oral hygiene products

Xylitol is recommended by many dental associations worldwide, through the endorsement of sugar-free confectionery products in which Xylitol constitutes at least 50% of the total sweetener.

Related Products

  • Regulatory
100% Xylitol chewing gum reduces the risk of plaque in children and plaque is a biomarker for dental caries.
  • Sustainability
XIVIA® study: The study concluded that XIVIA® production has a carbon footprint of just 10% of the biomass process.

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