A natural sugar used to create savory flavors

D-Xylose, commonly called wood sugar, is a natural 5-carbon sugar (pentose) obtained from the xylan-rich portion of hardwoods such as birch trees.

D-Xylose is used to improve flavors and can also help to produce a visually appealing browning in savoury applications. Compared to other reducing sugars commonly in use, D-Xylose requires considerably less reaction time to bring about the desired flavour.

DuPont™ Danisco® D-Xylose is a pure crystalline powder available in a number of high purity grades and flavors. It is used in meats, prepared food, pharmaceuticals, pet food, and animal feed.

Key Benefits

  • Natural and non-GMO
  • Helps in flavor creation
  • Improves aroma
  • Enhances visual appearance
  • Enables rapid Maillard browning reaction

Application Areas


How We Help

Clean Label

D-Xylose is a naturally occurring pentose sugar found at low levels in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. It is classified as a normal food (or feed) ingredient and not a food additive.


Better Nutrition

The ingested portion of D-Xylose is only partially absorbed in the intestine and therefore has a much lower impact on blood glucose and serum insulin levels than glucose or sucrose. This makes it an important ingredient for diabetic food products.



Danisco® D-Xylose is naturally sourced from wood.



The production of wood-based xylose is unique to Nutrition & Biosciences and uses byproducts from pulp and paper plants as feedstock. On average, it emits five times less greenhouse gas than conventional corncob-based products and supports at least three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



Since the 1950s, D-Xylose has been used in food applications worldwide for its Maillard-reaction flavor and color, and as a sweetener in diabetic foods. The use of D-Xylose in savory flavour systems is Generally Recognised As Safe (GRAS) by the Flavour and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA).


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With expertise in separation and purification techniques, Nutrition & Biosciences is a leading supplier of speciality carbohydrates to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and flavor industries.
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The story of sugar is not so sweet. Given its link to tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and an increased focus from consumers on eating healthy, sugar has fallen out of favor.

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