CHOOZIT® FIT New Phage-robust Culture Series

For Medium-sized Mozzarella Producers Who Want a Highly Robust and Consistent Culture

CHOOZIT® FIT is a new phage-robust culture series that enables medium-sized mozzarella producers to realize their potential. Providing optimum control over the fermentation process, the series is designed for uniform vat-to-vat performance and optimum yield – with maximum cost efficiency.

Freeze-dried for ease of use, CHOOZIT® FIT is the only culture series of its kind to offer four true rotations. The highly biodiverse strain composition of each one overcomes the risk of fermentation delays due to phage issues in the vat.

Fast and consistent acidification performance is the result, ensuring mozzarella has the desired stretchability and melting properties with minimal variation in cheese moisture content. A reliably delicious outcome that makes the most of the cheese milk.

Main Benefits

  • Uniform vat-to-vat acidification
  • Up to 0.2% higher yield
  • Cost-efficient process
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Consistent, year-round quality
  • Optimal functionality
  • Minimal moisture variation

Tired of quality variations in your mozzarella production? The CHOOZIT® FIT Series puts you in control. Download the product brochure and learn more.

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Watch the exclusive video about phage rotation

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