The new solution for pizza cheese browning control

The CHOOZIT® BC Cultures series is a new proprietary formulation of selected Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus helveticus strains combined with a selected strain of Lactococcus lactis. This new formulation has been designed in particular for fast acidification, proteolysis control, and the ability to consume more galactose during the cheese making process. Phage robustness is built into the CHOOZIT® BC Cultures series, due to the careful selection of biodiverse strains. The CHOOZIT® BC cultures are easy-to-use DVI cultures without changes of the cheese processing parameters in place for your production lines. The culture series is available in frozen format - CHOOZIT® BC FRO 01. They are certified Kosher and Halal, and VLOG compliant.

Key Benefits

  • Limit cheese browning for best quality of pizza appeal
  • Protect against potential food contamination using higher temperature or longer baking time without too much cheese browning
  • Clean label browning control solution versus alternatives formulated with additives (e.g : lactic acid)
  • Opportunity to develop export sales in markets like China where white cheese color is required by consumers

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