Developed to solve productivity and cheese quality needs for industrial-sized cheese makers.

Cheddar cheese manufacturers need, on a daily basis, to maintain an inventory flexibility with regard to the cheddar making and aging process. The global cheddar cheese industry faces a number of challenges that Nutrition & Biosciences cheese cultures can help accommodate.

Continuous improvement of cheese processing, including the use of fast-acidfying starter cultures with consistent performance on cheese quality and cost effective combined acidification and flavor formation.

Higher productivity and flexibility including mitigate phage attacks, optimize cheddar block making, slicing and shredding operations and reduce downgrading.

Maximizing cheese yield and quality of whey including increase cheese yield with robust starter cultures adapted to milk standardized at a higher protein content and ensure consistent acidification through phage rotation for more process consistency.

The CHOOZIT® Cultures for Cheddar Cheese 

From high volume production ched dar cheese ingredients to tailored premium vintage specialty cheddar.

  • A range of starter cultures all formulated with biodiverse strains for extreme phage robustness
  • A unique range of flavor adjunct cultures for further taste differentiation

What is the CHOOZIT® AMERI-FLEX series?

  • Blend of fast acidifying mesophilic and thermophilic strains having very close fermentation profile within each range.
  • New formulations designed by Nutrition & Biosciences cultures scientists & American-Cheese experts.
  • Two recipes that can be easily adapted to different process conditions.
  • Formulated as part of our easy to use Nutrition & Biosciences phage management system.
  • CHOOZIT® AMERI-FLEX series are available in easy to use frozen pellets to meet the customer needs under varying and challenging process expectations.

Consistent Cheese Making


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