Produced according to the principles of the circular economy, leaving a minimal footprint.


XIVIA® is produced according to the Nutrition & Biosciences Wood Based (DWB) concept, which is unique to Nutrition & Biosciences. Its production is an example of the circular economy: XIVIA® uses a by-product of the pulp and paper industry that is, itself, derived from sustainable forestry.

The most sustainable xylitol on the market

A recent update of a third-party reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) confirms that XIVIA®’s carbon, water, and land use footprint is 80% to 93% lower than conventional xylitol.

Overall, the environmentally superior performance of the DWB integration concept isn’t only due to the use of the wood-based side stream as feedstock. The DWB concept is simply more efficient—and the circular economy model means a considerably lower use of chemicals and energy in comparison with corncob-based xylitol.

Halve your carbon footprint

By replacing corncob-based xylitol with wood-based XIVIA® xylitol, the carbon footprint of a chewing gum containing 25% xylitol can be halved.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals address the global challenges we face and are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future. XIVIA® supports at least four of these goals:


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Xivia® xylitol is a sustainable sweetener for health conscious consumers.
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