Rare Sugars

High-quality, solvent-free specialty carbohydrates extracted from plants


  • D-Mannose

D-Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar manufactured from wood-based or other biomass hydrolysates using an aqueous chromatographic separation process.

  • L-Fucose

L-Fucose is a naturally occurring sugar manufactured from bio-based hydrolysate using a separation process.

  • L-Rhamnose

L-Rhamnose is a naturally occurring sugar. Nutrition & Biosciences L-Rhamnose is manufactured from sustainable wood-based or other biomass hydrolysates through safe and totally a solvent-free separation process without harmful chemicals.
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  • Rare Sugar Syrups

Natural origin Rare Sugar Syrups are manufactured from sustainable wood-based or other biomass hydrolysates by aqueous chromatographic separation.

With decades of expertise in separation and purification techniques, we’re a leading supplier of specialty carbohydrates to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, flavour and food industries.

Our high-quality rare sugars are extracted from plants using solvent-free separation techniques before being used in the production of nutraceuticals and flavour chemicals, such as natural furanones and Maillard-reaction savoury flavors.

Our industry-leading experience and expertise in separation and purification technology makes us a reliable and efficient partner for food manufacturers and other customers seeking a secure supply of high-quality rare sugars.


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D-Xylose, commonly called wood sugar, is a natural 5-carbon sugar (pentose) obtained from the xylan-rich portion of hemicellulose, present in plant cell walls and fiber.
Fructose is the sweetest sugar in nature. Found in many fruits and vegetables, fructose has a low glycemic response and is suitable for diabetics.
Lactitol, a sugar alcohol derived from lactose (milk sugar), is a versatile, reduced calorie sweetener.
Lactitol has also been used to promote gut mobility in constipated individuals. Alternative constipation treatment often is unpalatable.
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The story of sugar is not so sweet. Given its link to tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and an increased focus from consumers on eating healthy, sugar has fallen out of favor.

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