Fructofin® Fructose


A highly pure GMO-free sweetener from nature

Also known as fruit sugar, fructose is the sweetest sugar in nature and is found in many fruits and vegetables. Exceptionally functional, Fructofin® fructose is highly soluble and has excellent flavor-enhancing properties, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

In the 1960s, we pioneered the technology needed to produce crystalline fructose from sucrose in our production facility in Kotka, Finland.

DuPont™ Danisco® Fructofin® is a crystalline fructose made from non-GMO sugar beet from the EU, with a purity of over 99%.

A Perfect Sweetener for the Weight Conscious

Fructofin® can be up to 80% sweeter than sucrose, reducing calorie intake without loss of sweetness. It also has a high thermogenic effect, meaning more energy is required to metabolize Fructofin® than glucose, so more calories are burned by the body.

In studies, consumption of Fructofin® prior to eating has been demonstrated to be particularly effective at preventing hunger pangs. This satiating effect also promotes a reduction in calorie consumption during the meal itself.

Low Glycemic Response

With a low glycemic index (GI) of just 19, Fructofin® is considered a non-glycemic ingredient. Which means it’s highly suitable for diabetics, and others following a reduced GI diet.

Studies have shown that glucose levels of diabetics are more stable on a fructose diet than on sucrose or starch diets (Bantle, Diabetes Care 1989). It’s metabolized, for the most part, independently of insulin.

A joint review of the available data on the use of carbohydrates in human nutrition by the World Health Organization (WHO)and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) endorses the consumption of low GI foods. Both organizations also recommend that in order to help prevent common diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and obesity, consumers in industrialized countries should base their diets on low-GI foods.

Want to see the facts and figures? Dive into the related research and clinical studies here: Fructofin® Fructose Research & Clinical Studies




Fructofin® C

Enhances flavors and promotes Maillard browning reaction


Fructofin® CFP

Endotoxin free and complies with FCC, USP/NF monographs

Suitable for specialized applications

Fructofin® CM

Characterised by fine particle size


Particularly suitable for bakery creams etc.

Key Benefits

  • Non-GMO
  • Free from endotoxins
  • Creates a superior sweetness profile
  • Enhances flavor
  • Suitable for weight management
  • Has a low glycemic response and is suitable for diabetics

Application Areas

Drawing on many years of experience, we tailor solutions for bakery products, creating superb fresh-keeping properties in bread and cakes and the right bite and crumb in biscuits, crackers and pastry, even at reduced fat levels.
When you open the door to Nutrition & Biosciences for your beverage needs, you gain access to unmatched application expertise, science-driven solutions, the full DuPont™ Danisco® range of ingredients, and extensive market knowledge and deep consumer insights that drive competitive advantage.
DuPont™ Danisco® provide all around support for confectioners in developing confectionery such as chocolate, bars, gums, jellies and fillings with new textures, longer shelf life and processing advantages.
Take a deeper look inside Nutrition & Biosciences for your cheese, yogurt and other dairy needs. See how our market insights, research, and experience can open up your potential to satisfy nutrition-conscious consumers while keeping your costs down.
For more than half a century, we have solved the challenges of the frozen desserts industry, including today’s demands for low/no sugar and fat formulations.
Our broad assortment of stabilizers helps you create the preferred texture, great flavor release and high stability in your fruit applications, whether those include high- or low-sugar fruit spreads (jams), bakery fillings, yogurt fruit preparations or fruit sauces.

How We Help

Clean Label

Fructose is completely different from High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Fructose does not contain any glucose, whereas HFCS contains both fructose and glucose.

HFCS comes as a liquid and is made by an enzymatic process from glucose syrup derived from corn. Fructose is typically crystalline or powder in form and is one of the molecules that makes up sucrose. It resembles sugar in functionality and taste as their constituent molecules are almost identical.


Better Nutrition

Fructose is more satiating and has less of an effect on blood glucose and insulin levels than many other sugars. It’s 80% sweeter than sucrose, making for easy calorie savings. It also induces thermogenesis and increases mineral absorption.



Fructofin® is produced in Finland from locally sourced (EU) non-GMO sugar beet.



Fructofin® supports at least three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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The story of sugar is not so sweet. Given its link to tooth decay, obesity, diabetes and an increased focus from consumers on eating healthy, sugar has fallen out of favor.

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