A naturally sweet, sustainable solution to sugar reduction


  • Fructofin®

Fructose is the sweetest sugar in nature. Found in many fruits and vegetables, fructose has a low glycemic response and is suitable for diabetics.

  • Lactitol

Lactitol, a sugar alcohol derived from lactose (milk sugar), is a versatile, reduced calorie sweetener.

  • OsmoAid™ Lactitol

Lactitol has also been used to promote gut mobility in constipated individuals. Alternative constipation treatment often is unpalatable.

  • Rare Sugars

With expertise in separation and purification techniques, Nutrition & Biosciences is a leading supplier of speciality carbohydrates to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and flavor industries.

  • XIVIA®

XIVIA® Xylitol is a naturally occurring wood-based sweetener with all the taste and sweetness but only half the calories of sugar.

  • D-Xylose

D-Xylose, commonly called wood sugar, is a natural 5-carbon sugar (pentose) obtained from the xylan-rich portion of hemicellulose, present in plant cell walls and fiber.

The story of sugar isn’t all that sweet. Given the link to tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes, and consumers becoming more health-conscious, sugar has fallen out of favor. According to a Global Data report, 63% of consumers are trying to limit their intake of sugar or to avoid it entirely.

We provide a full suite of sweeteners that deliver that same delicious food experience as sugar—but with fewer or no calories.

From sugar-free confectionery and reduced calorie desserts, to sports nutrition, as well as foods for special diets, oral health and pharmaceuticals, our products offer healthier, more natural options.

We use state-of-the-art production techniques to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Key Benefits

  • Creates a superior sweetness profile
  • Allows for flavor enhancement with no aftertaste
  • Makes for tooth-friendly products
  • Suitable for weight management
  • Has a low glycemic response—suitable for diabetics

Application Areas


How We Help

Clean Label

Fructose, D-Xylose and Xylitol are naturally occurring and found in many fruits and vegetables. Many of our rare sugars are naturally derived and extracted from plant biomass using a solvent-free process.



Aside from Lactitol which is sourced from lactose (milk sugar), our range is extracted from plants: non-GMO sugar beets for Fructofin® fructose, and hardwoods for D-Xylose, XIVIA® xylitol, and rare sugars.


Better Nutrition

Reduced calories and low glycemic responses make our sweeteners suitable for diabetics and weight-management food and beverages.



DuPont™ Danisco® XIVIA® xylitol range applies the principles of the circular economy. It has a 80% to 93% lower footprint for carbon, water, and land use compared with conventional corn-based xylitol.

Our sweeteners support at least three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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