A unique, sustainable line of ingredients for making foods and beverages more nutritious and delicious

Fast-growing, nutrient-rich and sustainable, seaweed is the ingredient of the future. We offer one of the widest ranges of commercially available seaweed extracts, with properties designed to enhance your food products.



Extracted from red seaweeds found off the coasts of the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Tanzania, and Chile, carrageenan is a naturally occurring hydrocolloid that provides structure, gelation and viscosity for a variety of food applications.

Key Benefits
  • Enables nutrient and particle suspension
  • Imparts a gelled spoonable texture
  • Replaces fat and promotes a creamy mouthfeel
  • Retains water and reduces cooking loss
  • Improves sliceability


Alginate is a polysaccharide derived from brown seaweeds that offers superior gelling properties. It helps to impart freeze/thaw stability and offers a broad range of flow properties for aqueous-based systems.

Key Benefits
  • Prevents moisture migration, including syneresis and purge control
  • Helps to restructure foods such as fish or meat
  • Improves the bake stability and mouthfeel of fillings
  • Retards ice crystal formation and helps control meltdown

How We Help

Plant Based

Naturally derived from marine plants and algae, seaweed hydrocolloids are often used in a wide range of plant-based applications—everything from vegetarian sausage casings to vegan beverages.



Seaweed does not require land, freshwater, pesticides, or fertilizers. We are pioneers in harvesting seaweed as efficiently and sustainably as possible, having designed a sustainability program specifically for the hydrocolloid industry

The seaweeds used to produce our ingredients are incredibly sustainable. Wild harvested red seaweeds use no land and require no fertilizers or irrigation. Seaweeds are harvested using sustainable ocean management and harvesting practices. This makes it a great ingredient for today’s environmentally conscious consumers.

Our seaweed supports at least four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Product Name




Provides a smooth, clean mouthfeel with excellent flavor release

Increases control of viscosity, stabilization, and suspension

Allows for water binding

Helps to maintain high moisture in applications

  • Dressings
  • Sauces
  • Beverages, including non-dairy


Provides water gelling, texture control, and syneresis control – excellent bake stability

Enables transparency

Adds elastic texture

Superior shelf stability in dry mix

Allows for both slow and quick setting.

Allows better utilization of raw materials with no waste materials in the process

  • Non-dairy desserts
  • Fruit preparations
  • Glazings and fillings
  • Confectionery
  • Bars
  • Restructured foods
  • Processed meat 


Specifically for dairy beverages

Provides stabilization, viscosity, and excellent flavor release

Allows for cocoa suspension

Offers superior mouthfeel

  • Dairy foods and desserts
  • Beverages


Specifically for dairy foods and desserts

Adds a creamy texture

Enhances flavor release with low process viscosity

Improves mouthfeel and shelf life by retarding ice crystal formation. Helps control meltdown.

  • Dairy desserts (hot or cold processing)
  • Cheese

Application Areas

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