Soy Protein For Pet Food and Animal Feed


Nutritious, easily digestible protein solutions for pets, livestock, and other animals


NURISH® Soy Protein Isolate and PROFINE® Soy Protein Concentrates are an excellent source of easily digestible amino acids. They are ideal for pet food and animal feed where protein quality and nutritional value is important.


NURISH® Soy Protein Isolate

NURISH® Soy Protein Isolate offers a highly functional, digestible source of proteins and amino acids for pet food, calf milk replacers and piglet diets.

NURISH® is a partially-hydrolyzed protein powder produced with proprietary enzymatic protein hydrolysis technology. It’s especially suited for liquid and dry food applications where low antigenicity, easy digestibility and high performance are required.

You can also use NURISH® in calf milk replacers that require rapid dispersibility and high suspension during reconstitution.


Key benefits

  • Provides high-quality protein from soy
  • Is a partially hydrolyzed, highly digestible protein
  • Includes low antigenicity
  • Is a dense source of balanced protein and amino acids for high performance diets
  • Provides rapid dispersibility and excellent suspension properties

PROFINE® Soy Protein Concentrates

PROFINE® Soy Protein Concentrates are dry, powdered or granular soy protein concentrates that provide both nutritional and functional benefits in companion animal foods, calf milk replacers, young animal feed (such as feed for piglets), and aquaculture diets.

PROFINE® Concentrates are approximately 70% protein (dry basis), and are highly digestible with low antigenicity.

They are a great protein choice for standard animal feed, where protein quality and nutritional value is important.

Key benefits

  • Provides high-quality protein from soy
  • Is a highly digestible protein
  • Has low antigenicity
  • Is a dense source of balanced protein and amino acids
  • Comes in multiple formats (dry powders, granular, extruded) to suit a variety of applications

How We Help

Plant Based

Our soy protein ingredients are derived from a reliable and sustainable raw material—the soybean. Soy protein is the most widely used source of plant protein in the food industry and is among the most nutritious, versatile, economical and reliable sources of protein for food and beverage innovation.



Soybean cultivation is highly efficient and producing soy protein requires far less land, energy and water than animal-based proteins. According to a third-party validated Life Cycle Assessment, our soybean isolate has a carbon footprint that’s up to 80 times lower than dairy and meat proteins.

Our soy protein solutions support at least six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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