Meat Applications


Soy protein solutions that improve the nutrition, quality, and economics of meat, poultry and seafood


As a meat, poultry or seafood manufacturer, you’re constantly challenged to create high quality products that meet consumer demand for more nutritious products—all while managing the cost, supply and variability of your raw materials.

Our soy protein ingredients have been designed to help you overcome these challenges by improving the economics of meat formulations and enabling excellent eating quality.  

There’s a Nutrition & Biosciences soy protein solution for just about any meat application you can imagine.


RESPONSE® Textured Soy Protein Concentrates

RESPONSE® Textured Soy Protein Concentrates reproduce the texture and appearance of meat fibers, and can be used to extend or replace meat or fish. They’re available in a variety of formats and sizes—and you can easily integrate them into standard meat processing methods.


Ground meats such as:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Poultry
  • Pork
  • Seafood
  • Meat alternatives

Key benefits

  • Provides meat-like texture
  • Enhances succulence
  • Increases cooked yields
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Improves shape retention in ground meat applications
  • Reduces formulation costs while improving quality

SUPRO® MAX Structured Vegetable Proteins

SUPRO® MAX Structured Vegetable Proteins contain a unique combination of soy protein and other ingredients that deliver meat-like fibrosity and texture when combined with meat or poultry, or used in meat-free applications.

SUPRO® MAX Structured Vegetable Proteins are extremely flexible. You can use them to produce delicious meat-free alternatives or to improve lower cost meats to give consumers high quality, affordable food.


Meats and meat-free food, including:

  • Meat chunks
  • Strips
  • Shreds
  • Ground meats

Key benefits

  • Delivers meat-like fibrosity and texture
  • Versatile: enhances functionality in meat, poultry, seafood, and meat-free applications
  • Neutral flavor and color
  • Wide range of different shapes and sizes

SUPRO® Soy Proteins

The SUPRO® Product Range consists of a broad portfolio of protein solutions that improve the nutritional value, taste and economics of a wide range of meat applications.

The range includes:

  • SUPRO® and SUPRO® EX Isolated Soy Proteins: These 90% protein (dry basis), powdered ingredients deliver gelling, emulsification, solubility, dispersibility, water and fat binding, and viscosity.
  • SUPRO® SYSTEMS: These functional systems are based on isolated soy protein or soy protein concentrates, and come in powdered and textured forms. SUPRO® SYSTEMS improve eating quality, cooked yields and economics.

SUPRO® products are specifically designed to bind water and provide gelling properties in emulsified meat systems. Additionally, some products provide optimal performance as part of a:

– whole muscle injection or marinade

– ground meat system

– pre-cooked or raw format

– formed or whole muscle application.

Whatever your goals, processing requirements and cost target, there’s a SUPRO® solution for your specific needs.

Key benefits

  • Improves meat economics by replacing more expensive meat, improving meat yields and processing efficiencies, and upgrading the quality of low-cost meats
  • Improves nutrition with high-quality proteins that have a Protein Digestibility-Corrected Amino Acid Score of 1.0. This is equivalent to dairy and egg proteins, and provides higher protein quality than many meat and poultry products.
  • Has a clean, neutral flavor profile
  • Enhances eating quality: improves slice-ability, microwave-ability, succulence and juiciness, and provides meat-like chew, texture and fibrosity
  • Products tailored for specific applications

ALPHA® Functional Soy Protein Concentrates

ALPHA® Functional Soy Protein Concentrates are optimized for cost efficiency, and bind fat and water better than other soy protein concentrates.

Some varieties of ALPHA® Functional Soy Protein Concentrates for the US market are fortified with vitamins and minerals, in accordance with USDA child nutrition guidelines.


  • Meat and meat alternatives

Key benefits

  • Improves meat texture and emulsion stability
  • Works with standard meat processing equipment and is very dispersible
  • Superior fat and water binding properties
  • Can be tailored to provide a range of viscosity and gelation characteristics
  • Improves formula economics and yields

PROCON® Soy Protein Concentrates

PROCON® Soy Protein Concentrates are powdered products (minimum 69% protein dry basis) for protein enhancement. They also aid in forming meat products, reducing water loss, and increasing the viscosity of a mix.

The range works well in applications where water absorption is key but high gelation and fat emulsification aren’t required.


  • Ground meats
  • Emulsified meats

Key benefits

  • Provides a good source of high-quality protein
  • Reduces water loss, due to good water absorption properties
  • Aids in forming meats

PROPLUS® Vegetable Protein Products

PROPLUS® Vegetable Protein Products are soy protein isolates that have been specially fortified to meet the nutritional requirements of the US National School Lunch Program.

They provide texture and emulsion stability in a variety of meat systems, and bind moisture in whole muscle and ground applications to help products stay flavorful and juicy.

PROPLUS® Vegetable Protein Products enable you to increase yields, provide high-quality protein, and reduce fat and calories. Food created with PROPLUS® retains its quality, even in school food service environments where reheating and long hold times are common.


PROPLUS® Products are used in Alternative Protein Products (APP) for the:

  • National School Lunch Program
  • School Breakfast Program
  • Summer Food Service Program
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program

Key benefits

  • Acts as a nutritious source of lean, high-quality plant-based protein
  • Provides texture and emulsion stability in ground patties and nuggets, emulsified meats, and whole muscle products

Nutrition & Biosciences Protein Solutions are available as standard or ‘identity preserved non-genetically modified’ (IP non-GM) varieties.


How We Help

Plant Based

Our soy protein ingredients are derived from a reliable and sustainable raw material—the soybean. Soy protein is the most widely used source of plant protein in the food industry and is among the most nutritious, versatile, economical and reliable sources of protein for food and beverage innovation.


Better Nutrition

Soy protein is a high-quality, plant-based protein with proven health benefits. Our soy protein solutions support the development of high-protein products from sports nutrition and weight management to general health & wellness, and help meet the protein needs of growing children, teens, pregnant and lactating women, health enthusiasts and active older individuals.



Soybean cultivation is highly efficient and producing soy protein requires far less land, energy and water than animal-based proteins. According to a third-party validated Life Cycle Assessment, our soybean isolate has a carbon footprint that’s up to 80 times lower than dairy and meat proteins.

Our soy protein solutions support at least six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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