Pea Protein

A delicious, versatile protein solution that enables meaningful product differentiation for the plant-based market


  • TRUPRO® 2000 Pea Protein

Elevate plant-protein beverages with superior flavor and product consistency.

  • TRUPRO® Pea Protein Nuggets

Capitalize on the Plant Protein Market Opportunity.

It’s easy to see why pea has become a popular alternative protein. Pea protein is versatile, non-GMO, and supports the creation of clean-label products while fulfilling consumer demand for protein.

Extracted from yellow split peas that have been ground and dried, TRUPRO® Pea Protein can be used to fulfill the demand for plant-based proteins in applications including:

  • Powdered protein beverages
  • Ready-to-drink protein beverages
  • Snack bars and cereals
  • Dairy alternatives
  • Non-dairy yogurts
  • Non-dairy frozen desserts
  • Meat alternatives

We’re here to help you create innovative, differentiated pea protein products that give consumers a superior sensory experience. Our global leadership in plant proteins enable us to support you with a vast portfolio of complementary ingredients; in-depth knowledge of formulation, sensory properties, and nutrition; and the tools to develop better-tasting products that appeal to your target market.


Application Areas

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How We Help

Plant Based

Pea protein is a non-GMO protein extracted from yellow split peas that have been dried and ground.



Our pea protein supports at least six of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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