HOWARU® Premium Probiotics

Probiotic for unique formulations with proven stability.


  • Consumer Products

HOWARU® probiotics can be found in health-enhancing food and beverages and supplements around the world. Featured here are just a few examples of consumer-ready products that feature HOWARU® probiotics.

  • Consumers

How are you? is the question we probably ask each other most often. With HOWARU® in your everyday diet, you can give a positive answer – and mean it.

  • HOWARU® Bifido Probiotics

The Probiotic HOWARU® Bifido is the better bifido. It’s efficacious, stable and one of the most clinically studied probiotic strains available today.

  • HOWARU® Protect Probiotics

HOWARU® Protect Probiotics is a range of clinically-documented formulations that are optimised to meet specific consumer needs to help maintain natural immune defenses.

  • HOWARU® Rhamnosus Probiotics

HOWARU® Rhamnosus Probiotics is a strain of superior quality that is clinically proven as a safe and effective means to maintain the body’s immune system.

  • Regulatory

Our HOWARU® probiotic cultures are internationally recognized as safe for consumption. But, when it comes to dosage levels and potential health claims, legislation can vary by country.

HOWARU® is our trademark for a range of specific premium probiotic strains – health-enhancing bacteria that are widely used in food and beverage products and dietary supplements.

Key benefits

  • Unique health benefits
  • Simple addition
  • Consumer appeal
  • Brand enhancement

More on probiotics

A growing awareness of the relationship between diet and health has led to an increasing demand for food products and dietary supplements that enhance health as well as provide basic nutrition. Scientific studies have shown that ingestion of specific strains of friendly bacteria — probiotics — enhances several physiological functions, particularly the body’s natural defence system and intestinal well-being.

Probiotics are live micro-organisms which, when administrated in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.  While the traditional delivery vehicle for probiotics was fresh dairy products, they are now found in many varieties of food, beverages, dietary supplements and healthcare products. 
Most probiotics are either lactobacilli or bifidobacteria. In particular, bifidobacteria constitute a major part of the beneficial microflora naturally present in the intestinal tract of humans and animals. A balanced intestinal microflora is highly important to keeping the body in healthy working order.


Bifidobacteria are of particular interest to scientists as they are often the most abundant bacteria found in the faeces of breast-fed infants. There is general consensus that they are the primary reason for the infants’ greater resistance to disease compared to formula-fed infants. In adults, bifidobacteria also remain a major component of the intestinal microflora.

Depending on the food consumed and other conditions, the levels of bifidobacteria in the intestine remain relatively stable throughout adult life. Maintaining sufficient levels of bifidobacteria is considered beneficial to health.


Lactobacilli have been used unwittingly for food fermentation since ancient times. Today the microbial nature of lactic acid fermentation is well known, and lactobacilli are used as starter cultures for the fermentation of food products such as yogurt, buttermilk, salami and pickled vegetables. In addition to their presence in fermented foods, lactobacilli are part of the natural microflora in the gut and urogenital tract. Studies have shown that ingestion of specific probiotic lactobacilli can help strengthen the immune system and reduce intestinal disorders. As with bifidobacteria, the consumption of probiotic lactobacilli can contribute to consumer health and well-being.

Product Benefit Application
HOWARU® Dophilus One of the most extensively studied probiotic strains with outstanding gut health benefits Beverages
Dietary supplements
Frozen desserts
HOWARU® Bifido Well-characterized with documented probiotic effects, including:
Modulation of the intestinal microflora
Improved transit time
Dietary supplements
Frozen desserts

HOWARU® Bifido

HOWARU® Rhamnosus

Specifically selected immune-modulating strains believed to enhance the body’s natural immune response, especially in children and the elderly Beverages
Dietary supplements
Frozen desserts
YO-MIX™ probiotics Carefully selected cultures for content claim only Beverages
Dietary supplements
Frozen desserts

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