Methocel™ and Wellence™ Modified Cellulose


Plant-based thermal gelation that improves the look, texture, and taste of a range of food and beverage applications


MethocelTM and WellenceTM Modified Cellulose range of products help to formulate a wide variety of food applications that look and feel as they should.

The range also enables you to bind your meat products without using eggs, create airy, light bread without using gluten, and wield more control over texture in your plant-based foods.

Key Benefits

  • Allows for increased binding and thickening control
  • Enables thermal gelation
  • Has emulsification, foam stabilization, and film-forming properties
  • Retains moisture and has a wide range of cold viscosity
  • Is pH stable from 3–11
  • Enhances freeze/thaw stability

How We Help

Plant Based

Cellulose gel can be used in plant-based recipes to increase stability and add a satisfying, creamy texture.


Better Nutrition

Cellulose gel can be used in a variety of food and beverage applications to add fiber and reduce calorie content while maintaining a luscious mouthfeel.


Digestive Health

METHOCEL™ and Wellence™ Modified Cellulose product families can mimic the water-absorbing and structural characteristics of gluten, making for superior, tastier gluten-free baked products.

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  • Methocel™ Modified Cellulose

See how Methocel Modified Cellulose improves binding, thickening and thermal gelation in meat and culinary applications

  • Wellence™

See how Wellence products give you greater control in plant-based, gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan and fried food production

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