Ranges of tailored blends based on high quality, advanced ingredients, including hydrocolloids, emulsifiers and enzymes used in a variety of applications.


  • GRINDSTED® Fiberline

When it comes to fiber-rich, wholemeal bread, many adults as well as children still prefer the soft texture and mild taste of white wheat bread. That’s why we developed GRINDSTED ® Fiberline.

Enhances your process robustness and product quality in terms of texture, appearance and shelf life. It will help you reach your nutrition targets like low fat, low sugar, high fiber and minerals enrichment with no compromise on stability and texture. 

Key benefits

  • Reduced number of individual ingredients
  • Easier processing
  • Improved performance and product quality
  • Supply chain excellence
  • Global production
Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® POWERBake Strengthens dough
Improves volume
Increases softness and shelf life
GRINDSTED® SALTLINE Retains existing processing parameters and reduces salt the cost-effective way Bread
Provides stay-fresh quality
Improves flexibility
Reduces stickiness
GRINDSTED® POWERFreeze Converts frozen dough into fresh crunchy bread in a cost-effective  way Frozen dough for rolls, croissants and baguettes
GRINDSTED® JU Improves mouth-feel
Fruit pulp and juice stabilization
GRINDSTED® FF Emulsification
Viscosity and stability increase
Texture modification
Controlled setting
Fat reduction
Cost reduction
Improved body and creaminess
GRINDSTED® WP Prevents cream plug
Improves whipping properties
Ensures stable foam for decoration
Prevents syneresis from foam
Whipping cream
GRINDSTED® Protex Controlled release of functional agents.
Improved machinability and appearance of several applications.
GRINDSTED® Meatline Improves sensory appeal and juiciness 
Improves water-binding capacity
Reduces purge at storage
Enables strong and stable alginate casings for all sausage types
Improves slicing properties
Meat and poultry.

Provides superior w/o emulsion stability
Gives good melt down properties

Improves flavor release

Oils and fats
GRINDSTED® Aqualine Improves raw material yield through higher water/fat binding
Utilization of trimmings
Excellent cooking and freeze/thaw stability
Fish and seafood

Application areas

Drawing on many years of experience, we tailor solutions for bakery products, creating superb fresh-keeping properties in bread and cakes and the right bite and crumb in biscuits, crackers and pastry, even at reduced fat levels.
When you open the door to Nutrition & Biosciences for your beverage needs, you gain access to unmatched application expertise, science-driven solutions, the full DuPont™ Danisco® range of ingredients, and extensive market knowledge and deep consumer insights that drive competitive advantage.
DuPont™ Danisco® provide all around support for confectioners in developing confectionery such as chocolate, bars, gums, jellies and fillings with new textures, longer shelf life and processing advantages.
Successful soups, sauces and dressings are dependent on good taste, texture and stability, DuPont™ Danisco® culinary ingredients help you deliver this.
For more than half a century, we have solved the challenges of the frozen desserts industry, including today’s demands for low/no sugar and fat formulations.
Our broad assortment of stabilizers helps you create the preferred texture, great flavor release and high stability in your fruit applications, whether those include high- or low-sugar fruit spreads (jams), bakery fillings, yogurt fruit preparations or fruit sauces.
With proactive science-based innovation, broad market expertise and over 50 years of collaborative applications in meat, poultry and seafood, Nutrition & Biosciences stands out as your go-to solutions provider.
We have focused on the needs of the oils & fats industry since the 1930s, when we developed our first emulsifier for margarine.

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