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Complete ingredient solutions for innovative dairy products


Our ingredients can be found in half the world’s ice creams, controlling viscosity, imparting creaminess and generally improving the sensory qualities of ice cream for millions of consumers.

We provide complete solutions for ice creams, sorbets and frozen desserts, all backed by extensive product expertise and state-of-the-art application centers around the world.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce the complexity of your inventory and reduce costs with our complete solutions
  • Access expert guidance in all aspects of product innovation—from idea generation to market launch
  • Use optimal ingredients for specific formulations and processes
  • Get recommendations of alternative processes and process parameters
  • Overcome manufacturing challenges with our technical support




CREMODAN® Creamline emulsifier and stabilizer

Indulgently creamy low-fat ice cream

Cost effective

Healthier for consumers

Enables fat reduction while maintaining creaminess

All kinds of ice cream, from milk ice to super premium


  • Maximum creaminess
  • Improved warm-eating properties and resistance to melting due to a high degree of fat agglomeration
  • Full-bodied mouthfeel

CREMODAN® Sorbetline stabilizer system

Excellent creaminess and flavor release

Free from gelatin and GMOs

Cost savings from low dosage requirements

High whippability that's unaffected by terpenes in fruit juice, concentrates, purees, and flavorings

Superior product quality

Flexible processing

Sorbets based on all kinds of fruit juices, concentrates and flavorings

Specially designed to meet the requirements for a high overrun and low pH in sorbet products


  • Improved whipping properties
  • Excellent body, texture and sensory appeal
  • Good melting resistance, shape retention and ice-crystal control
  • Excellent air incorporation
  • Good flavor release
  • Pleasant mouthfeel and a smooth, creamy texture
  • Excellent heat-shock resistance, melting resistance, and control of ice crystals


Cost optimization through controlled overrun that avoids quality defects such as shrinkage during heat shock

Significant potential to differentiate products with new textures and extend your product range

Easy to introduce into an existing production process

Creates more durable products, reducing customer complaints

Ice cream


  • New and light textures thanks to the fine air cell structure of the ice cream
  • Improved ability to withstand heat shock


Enables unique shaping and reduces the meltdown of extruded ice cream products

Solves the challenges of producing extruded ice cream

Ice cream


  • Stable ice cream with sharp lines and precise shaping
  • Improved resistance to meltdown
  • A high-quality product, even with low-cost recipes


Improves the stability of your mix, even with low fat and low sugar formulations

High quality, healthier ice cream, without compromising taste and texture

Excellent stability at ambient temperatures

Reduced separation during storage

UHT soft-serve mixes

Ensures that:

  • High quality UHT soft-serve mixes remain stable at ambient temperatures
  • Good texture and mouthfeel is maintained, even in reduced fat and/or sugar formulations

CREMODAN® Coldline

Superior cold-processing ice cream

Ideal for small-scale manufacturing as it can be activated without heat treatment

Cost effective: excellent performance even at low doses

Specially developed for cold-processed milk ice, ice cream mixes, and ice cream powder

Can also be used in a pasteurized and homogenized mixes


  • Excellent creaminess and flavor release
  • Smooth texture and pleasant mouthfeel
  • Fine air cell distribution
  • Reasonable resistance to melting
  • Good stability and slows the growth of ice crystals caused by fluctuating temperatures during distribution
  • High quality throughout shelf life

CREMODAN® Dairyline

The new shape of diary ice cream

High quality, innovative ice creams with a healthier image

Dairy ice cream


  • Extrusion stability and melting resistance
  • Excellent mouthfeel and other sensory properties
  • Opportunities for fat reduction


Optimize costs without compromising quality

Cost effective while maintaining quality and taste

Creamy, smooth texture with a healthy nutritional profile

Ice cream


  • High-quality ice cream, even under extreme storage conditions
  • Texture and flavor, even in less expensive very low fat and/or low Milk Solids Non-Fat (MNSF) formulations
  • Good heat-shock and melting resistance


Smooth ice-cream-like consistency and creaminess




  • Maximum, refreshing taste release
  • Good consistency
  • High overrun
  • Good air distribution
  • A smooth ice-cream-like consistency
  • Resistance to melting
  • A relatively high mix viscosity for a creamy mouthfeel and good body
  • High resistance to heat shock


Improves product quality while optimizing costs.

Enables fat reduction.

Ice cream


  • The quality of ice cream made with skimmed milk powder
  • Melting properties
  • Storage stability
  • Extruded products and provides excellent dryness during extrusion
  • Shape retention
  • Air distribution

Creates a smooth, creamy texture

Reduces ageing time


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