Dairy Systems

Customized solutions for plant-based dairy, sugar reduction, fortification and other dairy products


Creating a dairy solution that entails all the consumer preferences is our main goal. Our dairy systems help you to fast-track your product development and grow your revenue. What’s more, our complete solutions reduce the complexity of your inventory and lower the cost and risks of your supply chain.

From designing formulations to meet your preferred nutritional profile, to optimizing sensory properties and troubleshooting technical issues, our expertise and insights give your product the competitive edge it needs to succeed.

Our beverage solutions include customized plant-based offerings from our GRINDSTED® PLANT-TEX range, as well as solutions to solve your needs to have a clean label solution, reduce/free from solutions, fortification and affordability solutions.


Key Benefits

  • GRINDSTED® WP 200 FlexWhip for plant-based creams, formulations and processing
  • RECODAN® CM for sugar reduction (reduced sugar and no sugar-added formulations) milk beverage
  • RECODAN® CM and Bonlacta™ for Lactose reduction/lactose-free milk beverage

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