Versilk™ Enzyme


Natural viscosity control for high-protein fermented snacks and beverages


Consumers are increasingly on the lookout for high-protein fermented snacks and beverages to enrich their diet. In both the dairy and plant-based categories, the opportunities seem endless. But all of them come with the same challenge – how to manage viscosity when adding more protein.

Versilk™ enzyme is the effective way to relieve the viscosity issue when adding protein to yogurts and fermented drinks. So consumers can enjoy a refreshing, premium snack that combines health with indulgence.

A native, non-GM enzyme, Versilk™ gets viscosity under control without altering fermentation time or final product flavor. And all with a consumer-friendly label.

Key Benefits

  • Controls viscosity in high-protein dairy and plant-based snacks and beverages
  • Combines health, indulgence and a consumer-friendly label
  • No impact on fermentation time or flavor

Application Areas


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