NURICA™ All-in-One Enzyme Solution

Enables low sugar, high fiber and lactose-free dairy products

Consumer expectations present dairy manufacturers with an increasingly complex challenge: how to produce delicious dairy products that are low in sugar and high in fiber, while containing a minimum of lactose. It’s a trend with roots in the growing demand for healthier products that support weight management, digestive health and general wellbeing.

Our innovative enzyme solution Nurica™ is the first on the market to meet both needs. Nurica™ is a lactase with a difference. Just like a standard lactase, it minimizes the lactose content in milk by splitting it into its two component parts: glucose and galactose. But that’s where the similarity ends as the galactose molecule is then transformed in situ from simple sugar into galactooligosaccharide (GOS) – a prebiotic dietary fiber.

With Nurica™, dairy manufacturers can reduce the sugar content of plain yogurt, for example, by at least 35% and, at the same time, obtain a final product with more than 2% natural fiber. Nurica™ has no impact on the fermentation process, taste or texture. So consumers can simply enjoy a delicious dairy treat with all the nutritional benefits they desire. 

Key Benefits

  • Meet demand for healthier dairy products with less sugar
  • Maintain natural image and sensory appeal
  • Improved cost-in-use
  • Enhance acidification time while maintain product sensor properties

Application Areas

  • Dairy
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