POWERFresh® - Bakery enzymes

Our unique G+ and G4 anti-staling enzymes modify the amylopectin in flour starch during baking.


  • POWERFresh® Bread

Keep your bread feeling much fresher for days longer than any other choice on the shelf. POWERFresh® Bread with G+ makes this a reality.

  • POWERFresh® Bun

For buns achieving a high level of freshness and incredible crumb strength. POWERFresh® Bun makes it possible to maintain great bun shape, even when fully loaded. In hotdog buns, you’ll appreciate the superior hinge effect, too.

  • POWERFresh® Special

POWERFresh® Special is tailored for bakery products high in fat and sugar such as brioche and panettone. Your customers will enjoy the appealing mouthfeel that comes from its ability to provide extremely high elasticity and crumb moistness.

The result is soft, resilient and cohesive bread with an improved freshness.

Key benefits

  • Long-lasting softness and freshness
  • Resilient to crushing when stacked
  • Consistent shape
Product Benefit Application
POWERFresh® High anti-staling standard, longer-lasting freshness All types of bread and buns/rolls

Why choose POWERFresh®

POWERFresh® enzymes take baked goods to the next level of freshness. Both bread improvers and industrial bakeries will take advantage of our broad range of product solutions.

Our proven solutions maintains softness and resilience for longer than anything else on the market - leading to baked goods of unparreled quality.

Innovative G+ enzymes

Our POWERFresh® Bread and POWERFresh® Special products are carefully tailored to enhance consumer loyalty to your brand. Developed together with the baking industry, the advanced G+ technology extends shelf life even further while maintaining superb eating quality.

POWERFresh® Bun uses G4 enzyme technology to provide extra freshness, increased crumb strength and great bun shape.

How does POWERFresh® work?

POWERFresh® products with G4 or G+ enzymes create powerful solutions that have an exceptional anti-staling effect in baked goods.

G+ enzyme technology is extraordinarily efficient at modifying starch during baking. This amylase lowers the rate of amylopectin retrogradation, slowing down the bread staling process. The result is substantial crumb softening and moistness combined with improved resilience and elasticity.

Additional enzyme activities

Since proteins and arabinoxylans also contribute to the firming of breadcrumb, POWERFresh® products feature additional enzyme activities that optimize results for individual applications. 

The complexes of maltogenic alpha-amylase and other enzyme activities in MAX-LIFE have a similar modifying effect on flour starch. Bread gains several more days of optimum softness, resilience and mouthfeel.


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