Enovera™ 3001

The next-generation strengthener for high-performing, label-friendly bread and buns


Finding it a challenge to meet consumer demand for label-friendly products without compromising the performance and quality of your bread and buns? Then Enovera™ 3001 could be the solution you’re looking for.

Enovera™ 3001 is the first enzyme-only strengthener to match the robustness and functionality of conventional dough strengtheners. So, variations in raw materials or processing conditions are never a problem.

Using our next-generation strengthener in your dough, you can bake bread and buns with a consistent volume, resilience and crumb structure time after time. That adds up to better use of your raw materials and much less waste in production.

All of that with Enovera™ 3001 – the label-friendly way to a clear advantage on your markets.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent shock resistance in industrial processes
  • Robustness to process variations
  • High tolerance of raw material variations
  • Exceptional volume, oven spring and crumb structure
  • Reduced dependence on crutch additions
  • Less production waste

Application Areas:

*currently only available in the US


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