Yogurt Cultures

YO-MIX® is our extensive range of yogurt and fermented milk cultures.

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  • YO-MIX PRIME® Yogurt

YO-MIX PRIME® yogurt cultures help you create your dream yogurt with ultimate mildness and premium texture.

  • YO-MIX® T Yogurt cultures

YO-MIX® T Yogurt cultures mark a new step in the world of high texture yogurt cultures. The series marks a new step in the world of high texture yogurt cultures. All of the different cultures launched in the series will offer high textures, with specific texture qualities.

Yogurt cultures key benefits

  • Easy to use yogurt cultures for direct inoculation
  • Provide controlled acidification profiles
  • Offer a comprehensive range of textures and flavors
Product Benefit Application
YO-MIX® Greek Multiple species blends
Selected especially for Greek yogurt process
Mild & creamy flavor delivery
Yogurt and fresh fermented milks
YO-MIX® Multi 100 and 200 series Multiple species blends Yogurt and fresh fermented milks
YO-MIX® PRIME 800 and 900 series Ultimate mildness with premium texture Yogurt and fresh fermented milks
YO-MIX® Real 300 and 400 series Blends containing only St. thermophilus + Lb bulgaricus
Mild flavor profile
Yogurt and fresh fermented milks
YO-MIX® Real 500 and 600 series Blends containing only St. thermophilus + Lb bulgaricus
Traditional flavor profile
Yogurt and fresh fermented milks
YO-MIX® Quick 700 and 800 series Reduced fermentation time together with limited post-acidification
Contain highly texturizing strains
Yogurt and fresh fermented milks
VITAL Culture sachets Reliable and simple production
Excellent taste and texture
Homemade fresh dairy products

Application areas

Take a deeper look inside Nutrition & Biosciences for your cheese, yogurt and other dairy needs. See how our market insights, research, and experience can open up your potential to satisfy nutrition-conscious consumers while keeping your costs down.

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