Cultures for Fermented Plant-Based Foods and Beverages


Around the world, more and more flexitarian consumers are looking for alternatives to dairy products and for new plant-based fermented food & beverage products. The Danisco® VEGE Cultures offering from DuPont enables you to meet that growing demand for safe, healthy and good tasting products.

As pioneers in the plant-based segment we can use our knowledge of the plant bases used by the food industry, and help you overcome your taste and texture challenges when developing plant-based fermented products.

For example, we selected the best microorganism strains to design Danisco® VEGE Starter cultures to optimize the fermentation profile and taste of each plant source. Whether you’re aiming for a clean and mild flavor or more fresh profile with various textures, we want to make sure that everything is possible.

In addition, we designed HOWARU® Bifido VEGE consisting of Bifidobacterium lactis HN019™ and HOWARU® Dophilus, consisting of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® , two highly documented probiotic cultures complying with the demand for organic, dairy and lactose free, allergen free and vegan requirements. And we help you to reach the required probiotic dose documented in the clinical study with one serving.

Finally, to help you protect your product brand & image we have designed HOLDBAC® YM VEGE Protective cultures, an effective and label-friendly portfolio of solutions to secure quality over shelf-life and reduce food waste.



Bean Matrix

Nut based

Cereal based

Fruit vegetable

Other fermented foods

Danisco® VEGE 030 series 

Danisco® VEGE 050 series 

Danisco® VEGE 020 series
Danisco® VEGE 040 series

Danisco® VEGE 060 series    
Danisco® VEGE 010 series

Danisco® VEGE 090 series

Danisco® VEGE 080 series

Danisco® VEGE C-100 series        

Danisco® VEGE Cultures are freeze-dried and easy to use. They offer robust and consistent performance in fermentation.

Differentiate your product with healthy and free-from image
Our cultures are composed out of different species – including the highly documented probiotics Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM® and Bifidobacterium lactis HN019™. The result is healthy plant-based fermented products – all non-allergen and adhering to all required certifications.

So, if brand differentiation is your goal, Danisco® VEGE Cultures are your opportunity to stand out and grow your share of the fast-growing market for plant-based foods.

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