Cultures for Fermented Plant Based Foods and Beverages

A broad range of cultures to help you excel in the plant-based market.


DuPont™ Danisco® VEGE Cultures enable you to gain share in the plant-based food and beverage market. This market is exploding in popularity, as more and more flexitarian consumers look for ways to integrate plant-based food and beverages into their diets.

We’re pioneers in the plant-based segment, and have developed a full range of cultures to help you exceed the expectations of a growing consumer base.

With the help of our deep and comprehensive knowledge of the various plant bases, you can overcome the taste and texture challenges that come with developing plant-based fermented products.

HOWARU® Probiotic Cultures

To meet demand for organic, dairy and lactose-free, allergen-free and vegan requirements, we have designed two probiotic cultures that have featured in numerous clinical studies.

The studies indicate that these cultures, HOWARU® Bifido VEGE (consisting of Bifidobacterium lactis HN019™) and HOWARU® Dophilus (consisting of Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM®), provide the required probiotic dose in just one serving.


Our HOLDBAC® YM VEGE protective cultures help your business combat waste. This effective and label-friendly portfolio of solutions enables you to extend the shelf life of products and reduce food waste.

Key Benefits

  • Specially formulated for a wide variety of plant-based fermented products.
  • Certified safe, kosher and halal.
  • Allergen-free, dairy- and lactose-free, soy-free, and GMO-free.
  • Compliant with organic and vegan requirements.
  • Easy to use and available in freeze-dried formats.

Striding Towards Sustainability

DuPont™ Danisco® VEGE Cultures contribute to a plant-based lifestyle and give consumers the option of replacing animal protein with plant-based protein. Our probiotics help improve digestive health, and our range of protective cultures extends the shelf life of products and helps reduce food waste.

Our VEGE Cultures support the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.



Bean Matrix

Nut based

Cereal based

Fruit vegetable

Other fermented foods

Danisco® VEGE 030 series

Danisco® VEGE 050 series

Danisco® VEGE 020 series

Danisco® VEGE 040 series

Danisco® VEGE 060 series

Danisco® VEGE 010 series

Danisco® VEGE 090 series

Danisco® VEGE 080 series

Danisco® VEGE C-100 series





Application Areas

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