Antioxidants , Extracts and Flavorants



A full range of highly efficient pre-dispersed antioxidant blends.


GUARDIAN® is a range of plant extracts providing natural flavoring, antioxidative or antimicrobial properties.

Keep your food fresh and safe

DuPont™ Danisco® antioxidants help prevent oils and fats from oxidizing, extending shelf life.

Key benefits

More and more consumers are looking for food that is low in saturated fat, and antioxidants make it possible for you to produce food that is convenient and healthy.

DuPont™ Danisco® antioxidants will extend the shelf life of your food, ensure consistent product quality from batch to batch and help preserve the nutritional value of the food – even in the complex processes common in modern convenience food production.

How our antioxidants can help you

We produce three types of antioxidants: natural extracts, phenolics and vitamin-based ingredients. The right ingredient depends on your product.

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